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Serpentine Postbox

ShortListed 2020
Furniture & Product – Bespoke

Designer – studiomama
Maker – Benchmark Furniture
Client – Serpentine Gallery as part of ‘Legacy’ for LDF 2019
Project facilitator – AHEC
Wood supplier – Morgan Timber
Species – American red oak

Studiomama has designed a postbox for Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, in two different sizes. Hans Ulrich has been collecting postcards since he was a teen and is passionate about keeping the art of handwriting alive. He asks every artist, architect and poet that he meets to write or sketch something which he then posts to his Instagram account. Visitors can now spontaneously send a postcard when at the gallery. It could also potentially be used to leave feedback about the show the person had just seen. The top is flat so that people have something to lean on when they write their postcards. Individual pieces of timber have been fluted and glued together to create a ‘barrel’. The mouth was CNC cut from a block of red oak.