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Bumpers Oast

Shortlisted 2020

Location – Tonbridge
Architect – acme
Structural engineer – AKT
Main contractor – Harry Barnes Construction
Joinery company – Masson Joinery
Joinery – Wood Works Brighton (kitchen, study, utility room)
Wood supplier – Northern Timber Systems
Species – spruce

Bumpers Oast is closely based on the traditional local oast houses used to dry hops as part of the beer-brewing process. Five shingle-clad towers create an extremely low-energy contemporary home. The proportions of the tower roundels were based on traditional oast geometries but stand slightly apart from one another; creating views inwards and outwards. Each oast contains private rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The towers between them form a triple-height central space that forms the heart of the house and opens out to the orchard. The entire building is a highly insulated timber structure. Much of the interior of the roundels is clad in plywood; continuous ply in the cylinders and plywood shingles in the cones. The internal space-planning was designed to be ergonomic, yet compact, to help minimise the external envelope.

Oast House by ACME. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2019