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Throne Stool and Pew Stool

Throne Stool and Pew Stool

Student Designer

Designer: Torsten Sherwood
College/University: London Metropolitan University
Wood Supplier: Timber Cut 4 U
Wood Species: European Beech

The Throne and Pew Stool were part of a design project that aspired to reinvent traditional timber details within the constraints of using conventional tools, techniques and materials. It was an exercise using an understanding of wood to inform original details and using these details as the designs key expression; creating designs that expressed wood construction in a new way. These stools are a reinterpretation of the archetypal finger joint; but instead of two plains intersecting with “fingered edges” one of these plains is made up of many batons which intersecting can form this very strong structure and V shaped seat. Although intricate the stools are also easy to make being built up of only two repeated components which are intern also easy to form. The designs are bold and disincentive but are no more than they structurally need to be and their detailing and craft is at once ancient but also original. The stools took advantage of the properties of European Beech. Its strong and flexible in small sections which is important for the design’s batons, its easily worked and the its tight grain allows it to form beautiful homogeneous sheets when laminated to form the stools sides. These were then Soaped (vegetable fat), a finish that is traditional in Scandinavia (a heritage that informed the designs) and produces an almost natural finish that shows of the raw qualities of the material. The Stools are Tectonic; designs that find there character from construction and detailing and, although ancient tools and processes were used, their core designs are original.

Within the Student Designer Category there is a People’s Choice Award with a £500 cash prize. Vote via Twitter using the name of the project and the hashtag #WAStudent15. Voting closes 31st October 2015.