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From Greenwich To The Barrier & Perpetually Ajar

From Greenwich To The Barrier & Perpetually Ajar


Designer: David Gates
Wood Supplier: Blumsoms, WL West, North Heigham Sawmills, Timberline Tonbridge
Wood Species: Quarter sawn European Oak, Brown Oak, Bog Oak, American Maple, Cedar of Lebanon, Douglas Fir

A pair of unmatched collecting cabinets, one with a multitude of drawers, a fall flap, and vertical tambour – the other with a cedar lined cupboard, small drawers, and a fall flap. As with much of my cabinetwork, visual and structural inspiration is drawn from the expediency of industrial architecture. The solidity of oak is supported on visually light maple leg frames. Maple also provides for bright white drawer interiors. Cedar is used to remind us that we encounter furniture with all of our senses.

These pieces relate to various structures encountered on walks along the Thames estuary and the footpaths through the remaining riverside industrial zones of south east London. They offer places to store, keep, and organise those objects and things that are dear to our lives and without which the furniture would be incomplete.

Further Sustainability Information: Timber is FSC certified.