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Flower Kiosk

Flower Kiosk

Small Project 

Location: London

Client/Owner: Moutgrange Heritage and the Cundall Partnership

Architect: Archio (previously Buchanan Partnership)

Structural Engineer: Tall Consulting Structural Engineers

Main Contractor/Builder: Studio Hardie

Joinery Company: Studio Hardie

Wood Supplier: Timbmet

Wood Species: Accoya three-layer Sandwich Board TEC Engineered Wood Component, Germany

The architects were commissioned to design a flower kiosk in an under-used area of pavement adjacent to the client’s shop. The result is a permanent piece of street furniture that enhances the streetscape. The lozenge shape of the kiosk rotates to be open in the day, creating space to prepare and wrap flowers. The external form of the building is derived from microscopic images of flower petals, which reveal tiny three-dimensional ridge patterns across the petal surface.

Timber was an obvious material choice for the external cladding as it adds a sensory dimension. There is a certain drama in the preparation of flowers for sale, and the process of selecting and wrapping flowers is very tactile. The completed kiosk is as enjoyable to experience with you hands as it is with your eyes.

Accoya was chosen for its dimensional stability, extended lifestyle and consistent grain. Three-layer Accoya engineered boards were CNC-cut into 328 individual pieces. The timber slats have been turned horizontally which creates a sense of translucency whilst allowing the structure to be robust and secure. However, this also creates an issue with water pooling on the surface. Accoya was considered the only timber material that could withstand this. The kiosk was almost entirely pre-fabricated which allowed the time onsite to be reduced to less than a week, with the building itself being craned into place in half an hour. Both the prefabrication and the installation on site were aided by the specification of a relatively lightweight timber cladding.

Further Sustainability Information: Timber is PEFC/FSC certified.