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Alpha Chair

Alpha Chair

Production Made

Designer: Brodie Neill
Maker/Manufacturer: Made in Ratio
Wood Supplier: Various
Wood Species: Solid Ash, Solid Ebonised Ash, Solid Walnut

The Alpha chair is a solid-wood all-purpose stackable chair produced using the latest production technologies of shaped wooden furniture. The name Alpha is derived from the strong architectural gesture that gives the chair its inherent strength: the A shaped structure of the back legs and backrest that are organically and sensually moulded into one.

Through the Alpha chair the use of CNC routering technique as a high- production tool rather than a prototyping technology has been explored. Additionally, the design utilises digital sculpting, taking away the reliance on moulds. By adopting contemporary digital processes of design and manufacture, the Alpha chair takes on an almost seamless appearance in contrast to the more traditional joinery of chair design where each element is exposed. The chair organically and sensually moulds all the components into one.