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Winners 2008

Gold Award

Winner: New Shetland Museum & Archives

Commercial & Public Access

Winner: New Shetland Museum & Archives

Highly Commended: Anglesey Abbey Visitor’s Centre; Culloden Battlefield Visitor’s Centre


Winner: The Stadthaus

Highly Commended: Aston Martin Design Studio

Conservation & Restoration

Winner: Whitestaunton Manor

Highly Commended: Out of the Hat


Winner: Halligan House

Highly Commended: Herringbone Houses


Winner: The Sleeping Dragon

Highly Commended: Tewkesbury Cope Chest

Special Awards:

Small Project

Winner: Lindisfarne Castle Ticket Hut

Highly Commended: New North Gallery at St George’s Church

Offsite Construction

Winner: The Stadthaus

Best Use of British Timber

Winner: The Collector Earl’s Garden at Arundel Castle

Best Use of Panel Products

Winner: Taylor Library