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Student Designer

Designer/Maker: Rowena Edwards
College/University: Building Crafts College
Wood Supplier: DHH Timber
Wood Species: Latvian Birch, American Ash

Tri is a multifunctional table that uses three different objects that can be housed together or moved though the home to perform individual, useful tasks. Overlap, is the surface area of the design, which acts as a useful side table or an overlap to a sofa arm. Step up, is the core of this furniture family, allowing you to access out of reach places, and doubles up as a storage unit or seat. Bocs, the smallest component, is a useful storage box which, when spun around, can be used as a small seat. An exposed ply edge runs throughout each piece like a geometric, timber river. The aesthetics ensure its translation to the user, indicating where to hold and how to move it. Birch ply was chosen for its strength, aesthetic and ease of use.