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Windsor Rocker

Windsor Rocker

Furniture Winner 2011

Location: Oxfordshire
Furniture Owner: Katie Walker Furniture
Katie Walker
 Katie Walker, Roger Smith & James Mursell
Wood Supplier: 
Cowdray Estate Forestry
77 cm wide x 105 cm deep x 85 cm high
Wood Species: English ash, finished with a white hard wax oil

Inspired by traditional Windsor chair-making techniques, the ‘Windsor Rocker’ is an evolution of the design of the ‘Ribbon Rocking Chair’. A combination of traditional skills, pushed to an extreme, and the purity of the form of the Ribbon Rocking Chair, it echoes the original wheelwright’s craft from which the Windsor chair is derived.

The Windsor Rocker is made from four pieces of steam bent ash seamlessly scarfed together to form a continuous band, twenty five spindles and a hand carved solid seat, all finished with a white hard-wax oil. The spindles flare out from the seat to the band such that their opposing angles produce an extremely rigid but light form.

The ash is from a locally grown and sustainable source and was worked ‘green’ with no seasoning or kiln drying.