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The Wrap House

The Wrap House

Private Award Highly Commended 2006

Location: Norfolk
Client/Owner: Private
Architect: Alison Brooks Architects
Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
Main Contractor/Builder: Stidworthy Building
Joinery: Stidworthy Building
Wood Supplier: Tradelink Group
Wood Species: IPE (Cladding, Roofing, Decking, Flooring, Kitchen Island) sustainable sources, Brazil

The Wrap House pushes the boundaries of possibility for the most humble of architectural commissions – the domestic rear extension. It is formerly spectacular yet creates calm spaces with a refined palette of materials, scrupulously detailed and crafted.

The 65 square meter volume exploits the full width of the plot to create an illusion of a much larger space than that permitted by existing planning covenants. Subtle inflections of the roof plane respond to the variety of roof pitches of neighbouring Edwardian properties, take advantage of views of the garden, and imply subdivision of the internal space.

At its northern end, the pavilion compresses to create an intimate dining space with a low ceiling and a fixed window that offers a ‘close-up’ view of the garden. At its midpoint the roof folds downward to form a triangulated fireplace and focus for the space. Toward the south and west, the geometry folds upward and outward to provide a ore expansive living space with panoramic views of the garden and monumental Copper Beech tree. The surface extends past the glazing to form a covered outdoor terrace and prevent excessive solar gain, wrapping downward to turn into the timber deck flooring that extends from the living space into the garden and around the tree.