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Look! Look! Look!

Look! Look! Look!
Small Project

Location: Berrington Hall, Leominster
Architect: Studio Morison
Artists: Ivan Morison, Heather Peak
Client/Owner: The National Trust
Structural Engineer: Artura
Wood Supplier/CNC Cutting: WUP Doodle
Wood Species: Birch ply, Douglas fir

This pavilion sits in the centre of the 18th century walled garden originally designed by Georgian landscape designer Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. The birch ply and fabric structure is a contemporary version of the follies or ‘eyecatchers’ featured in 18th and 19th century landscaping. The sculptural form is based on a rectangle of paper that has been folded in a way that gives it structural stability and creates a sense of shelter. The most important aspect of the work was to create a sense that the final form had been folded into place and that the edges were sharp. The artists opted to use engineered ply, cut using a five axis CNC, to create the individual components later to be assembled in the workshop. The structure is made of 90 rhomboid timber cassettes with fabric pulled over and invisibly fixed to each.