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Iso Cabinets

Shortlist 2019

Iso Cabinets

Designer: Jack Bibbings
University/college: Building Crafts College
Wood Supplier: Tyler Hardwoods
Wood Species: English ash and oak

These playful cabinets have been inspired by Bridget Riley and the Op-Art movement, which is based on geometric abstraction and illusion. The name Iso refers to the fact that the cabinets’ geometry is based on an isometric drawing that incorporates 30-, 60- and 90-degree angles. Iso also points to the Greek word for equal as the carcasses of each cabinet are exactly the same. Each cabinet uses compound joint angles to create the illusion. The use of quilted English ash juxtaposes the quarter sawn English oak to enhance the illusion further.

Within the Student Designer category there are two cash prizes; £1,000 for Winner and £500 for People’s Choice. Voting for the People’s Choice Award will take place at 100% Design.