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Fosse Collection

Project Title: Fosse Collection

Client: Søren Furniture

Furniture designer/maker: Namon Gaston

Wood supplier: Patersons Timber Ltd

Dowel supplier: G & S Specialist Timber

Project Description:

The Fosse collection was originally commissioned by an Edinburgh based furniture retailer for the launch of their new Scandinavian design showroom. The brief was to design a collection that would complement classic and contemporary Scandinavian products and to keep within the price bracket of these items in a retail environment.

My aim was to design a collection that would represent the best of Scottish design and support the Scandinavian aesthetic. Having to keep the budget to a minimum for retail markup meant the focus was to keep the production of the designs as efficient as possible whilst maintaining a high level of quality.

The decision was made to design a collection of scalable tables that would have a simple clean aesthetic paired with honest palate of materials. FSC European oak was an obvious choice: a reliable, cost effective and popular timber choice.

The final designs relied on sourcing a local supplier of dowels for the legs and rails, which would result in savings on production processes in the workshop. The challenge was to design a component that could interface the dowel leg frames to the tabletops efficiently. The outcome of my development was a component that had skew socket holes for the leg frames to house into with a tapered surface to meet with the underside of the tops. The compound angles of the structure would give a very rigid yet lightweight framework. These ‘A’ frames could then be mechanically attached to the surface components, rather than traditional through holes with wedges.

The surfaces are designed to be in two parts, making a feature of the ‘fosse’ throughout the collection. This serves as visual detail, however the main purpose is to allow the movement of the solid oak tops to come from the centre rather than the edges. This is achieved with the frame being fixed to the outer edge of the top with a slotted housing to the centre. The channel moves with the expansion and contraction of the timber with the changes in the environment.

I wanted to give the customer options with the collection, to be given the opportunity to upgrade if desired. Both the desk and the console table can have applied storage compartments, which have been designed to be retro fitted if required. The ability to fume oak gave another aesthetic option with the frames. As with the storage options, the frames can be removed and fumed retrospectively.

This collection aims to complement a range of traditional or contemporary domestic environments. The focus is on simplicity of form married with a detailed design and high level of craftsmanship. The Fosse Range successfully fulfils the initial brief, offering quality Scottish designed and produced pieces within a discerning retail environment.