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Hex Drinks Cabinet

Hex Drinks Cabinet

Student Designer People’s Choice Award Winner 2017

Designer/Maker: Damian Robinson (BlytheHart Made)
College/University: Williams and Cleal
Hexagonal Template & Brassware Laser Cutting: Luffman Engineering Ltd
Wood Supplier: Adamson and Low, Mundy Veneers
Wood Species: British Bog Oak, Fumed Oak, English Cherry, Black Walnut, Tropical Olive, Teak, Olive Ash

The inspiration for the Hex Drinks Cabinet comes from the colour and uniformity of bees’ nest found in the maker’s garden. Hand cut veneers in contrasting timbers and grain patterns were used for the honeycomb. The maker laid the veneer hexagons out in sequence while referring to the actual nest. The edges of the doors were designed to meet in a line that followed the interlinking hexagons.  The inset brass levers devised to open the doors were made in the same size of the hexagons to mesh seamlessly with the overall design. English bog oak, dating from 3,300BC, was selected to set off the complex honeycomb pattern without interference.

  • Date November 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017